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cibolo_lock servicesHow Cibolo Locksmith Pros Can Help You

Finding a skilled locksmith in Cibolo TX is a vital part of ensuring that your home or business is secure from unauthorized access. Fortunately, we at Cibolo Locksmith Pros can provide the kind of proficient 24 hour assistance that you need to be secure in your home, car and place of business. Whether you need to have a new lock installed in your home, an older lock repaired, or to rekey your front door after your children lost their keys, we can be there to help you without delay.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind, and we are local so we know the area well and care about the well being of our neighbors. We pride ourselves on providing top quality work, friendly assistance, and fair upfront pricing. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Lock Services Available Round The Clock 7 Days a Week

We are happy to offer quality assistance whenever you need it. Unlike some companies, we offer round-the-clock assistance, 7 days a week, all throughout the year. Our fast response time can really come in handy when you’re confronting a broken key situation with an arm full of groceries and need to have it fixed ASAP.

We offer a wide range of services, including the following:

  • Lock changing and lock repair services.
  • Fast installation of multiple types of locks, including deadbolts, profile cylinder, smart locks and more.
  • Rekeying services, including both master keys and sub-master keys.
  • Fast emergency lock services at any time of the day or night, with a 30 minute or less response time.

We Handle All Types

A home or business may need installation or repairs for a wide range of lock types, from deadbolt locks for a front door to high-security locks for a storage room for family valuables. For that reason, we offer a full scale of lock types, ranging from traditional designs to the more recent high-tech smart locks that are becoming a fixture of modern homes and commercial properties.

The services we offer include the following:

Form And Function!

cibolo_lock services_deadbolt

Deadbolt locks have been a traditional type of lock that offers both security and a stylish appearance for the home. They work great in old fashion style buildings, but also look great in any modern design.

Best Of The Best!

cibolo_lock services_grade 1# 1 for a reason, they are impossible to pick or bypass without using heavy tools, making them immune to the vast majority of burglars. For this reason, our high-security locks can provide security for both a business and home’s property, and its occupants.

cibolo_lock services_profile cylinderEurope’s Most Popular Locks!

Profile cylinder locks are made out of stronger metals than traditional lever locks, making them ideal for exterior doors. In addition, by being set flush with the door, these locks are nearly impossible to pry open.

cibolo_lock services_mortiseCustomized Locks To Fit Your Personal Style!

Mortise locks have a pocket (or mortise) cut into the door in order to accept the mechanism of the lock. These locks can accept a heavier structure and can also be designed to complement the door’s appearance. They are very popular both in Europe and the United States.

It’s A High-Tech World!

cibolo_lock services_smart locksHigh-tech / smart locks utilize wireless technology to let the owner open them without needing to insert a key. In addition to being highly secure, these locks can allow property owners or managers to unlock a door even if their arms are full, thus providing more security than a lock that would force the you to fumble for a key in order to gain entry.

Master Keys And Keeping Your Family Secure

Our expert technicians offer a variety of services, such as rekeying a lock or changing locks when the owner desires. Master keys are typically associated with commercial facilities, but an interesting fact that few homeowners realize is that many homes can have a master key that opens all the locks in the house, and subkeys that only open specific locks. For families with children, this can be an ideal way to give them access to the house and yet keep certain rooms secure from anyone but the individual with the master key. Even better, our professionals can quickly rekey these locks, allowing the homeowner to avoid the expense of having to replace his or her system when the children can’t quite remember what they did with their keys.

At Cibolo Locksmith Pros, we offer you the kind of 24 hour locksmith assistance you need. Whether you need a commercial locksmith or emergency locksmith, our skilled professionals can give you the help you deserve. From a simple job of changing your locks to providing a new smart lock installation for your entire house, we’re the best in the area.