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cibolo_automatic door closersAutomatic Peace Of Mind For Your Business

In order for your business to remain competitive and profitable, it needs to be very responsive to the needs of the customer, and to changing technologies. Just imagine what would happen if you, your employees or your customers got locked outside, or stuck inside! That is why you need to have the latest when it comes to security and your locking system, and that includes the expert installation and repair services of automatic door closers by Cibolo Locksmith Pros.

It is for such reasons that when you install a modern automatic door closer it will prove to be a very wise financial investment for your company in the long run. Visitors, employees and customers will feel welcome by the inviting doors that also give your premises a professional appearance. You can count on our professional commercial locksmith experts to install a mechanism that is just right for you.


  • We are licensed, bonded and insured professionals operating in Cibolo, TX and surrounding areas.
  • We guarantee 30 minute or less response times when you experience a problem.
  • We provide 24 hour emergency locksmith services to ensure you are never inconvenienced by problems with your locks or automatic doors.
  • We provide upfront pricing so you will never have to worry about surprise, hidden fees showing up after the work has been completed.
  • Doors into your business premises will remain securely closed because your automatic closer only opens when it senses an approaching visitor.
  • Nowadays there are more issues that are of major concern to us than mere aesthetics and security. Hygiene levels and dangers have never been higher and an these closers eliminate the need to touch the door, thus reducing spread of bacteria by hands.
  • Going green is becoming an important concern globally, and by installing a modern automatic system, you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Saving on business overhead is important and by investing in an automatic doors your business will be saving big-time.
  • We provide security audit and consultations to help you determine what is right for your property
  • Our experts provide you with the highest quality installation work, routine maintenance, urgent repairs and system upgrades.
  • When you need help fast you can relax knowing that our team is available for emergencies around the clock.


  • High quality services with integrity.
  • Professionalism and respect for our clients.
  • Understanding and consideration for the unique differences of our customers and your individual needs and budgets.

Think Outside The Box

We take great pride in helping you secure you place of business, and automatic door closers are a great way ensure success and profits. Certainly there is no better place to begin the modifications and improvements of your commercial property than with the building exterior.

Our local experts are very knowledgeable on all types of business security solutions. Because the locks used in commercial premises, offices, and schools are typically more sophisticated, we have invested heavily in training all of our team.

In our busy daily lives, often we end up getting stressed when we lose our keys or cannot gain entry into a building. That is why we take great pride in our automatic door closers, where you forget about carrying a bunch of keys. Not to mention, our trusted emergency locksmith assistance. 

Our technicians are highly professional, courteous, and very helpful. They come fully equipped with the latest equipment to ensure you get all the assistance you require.

We are fully aware of the importance of upfront pricing and the need for integrity when it comes to financial matters and costs. That is why as soon as you contact us, we arrive and access the work, and then provide up front pricing so that your business is not affected by “down time.” Our prices are competitive, and the work is guaranteed.

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Whether you want to rekey your home or office or you need burglary damage repair, our team is ready and happy to provide assistance no matter the hour of the day or night.

We will respond to your call within 30 minutes or less, so contact us today and see our professional swing into action without delay!