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cibolo_ignition switchWhenever you require ignition switch repair and replacement services in Cibolo TX, leaving it to the professionals at Cibolo Locksmith Pros is to your benefit. We offer 24 hour automotive locksmith services with a mobile unit that will answer your call anytime of the day or night, and arrive in 30 minutes or less.

Common Ignition Switch Mistakes

Experiencing difficulties starting your car up is often an indication of a failing or faulty ignition switch, and it is unfortunate that most individuals repeatedly try to turn the switch to start their cars. Regrettably, this process often leads to a drained battery and in case you notice overheating of the switch, it might be an additional sign that you have ignition switch issues.

What To Do…

Check Your Steering Wheel

Before calling in a professional, check to confirm that your steering wheel is not locked, seeing as this can permanently prevent you from starting your car. Most of the vehicles manufactured today feature a safety measure that locks the steering wheel as soon as the car stops operating. To effectively unlock your wheel, turn it left and right while trying the ignition.

Check Your Key

If the wheel is not the issue, check and confirm whether or not your key has any debris or dirt on it.

If your key is clean and free of obstruction yet you are still experiencing difficulties starting your vehicle, leading to worries that your ignition might be failing, contact us. We are your professional emergency locksmith experts in Cibolo, and our team of friendly and experienced technicians will promptly be at your service.

Why Choose Us


We guarantee excellent and high-quality assistance to all our customers, a capability we ensure through the engagement of highly trained and qualified experts, friendly staff and personnel, and technologically advanced equipment and tools. As a local company, we guarantee a prompt response to any request within the area, ensuring you are back to your normal functions in no time at all. We proudly offer a 30-minute or less response time to all our customers within Cibolo TX.

With our mobile team, 24 hour availability and technologically advanced equipment, you will always have someone in your corner regardless of whether you need an ignition switch replaced or repaired in the middle of the night, or you need your vehicle’s laser cut key replaced on the spot.

Customer Service You Know And Trust

The entire staff and personnel at Cibolo Locksmith Pros are wholly dedicated to providing fast and reliable help when you need it most. Our expert technicians and emergency locksmith personnel are well trained for emergency responses, providing peace of mind even in the most stressful of situations. We comprise of an honest, trustworthy, and direct staff and provide upfront pricing to ensure you know exactly what the cost implications are beforehand. Our prices are quite competitive, especially in comparison to the other service providers in the area.

Experience You Can Rely On

We have been dutifully providing services for several years to the residents, businesses and drivers of Cibolo TX. As such, our entire team is made of highly experienced pros in every area related to locksmith services and products, to an extent that we have the ability and knowledge to service every type of vehicle successfully, for both local and foreign models. We also conduct continual training of our entire staff to ensure we are all up-to-date with the changing technological advances when it comes to our craft and industry.

Qualified For Your Peace Of Mind

In addition to being reputable and reliable, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured, which is a guarantee you are getting expert services and products. Call us anytime when you need help with your car’s ignition switch, or any other mobile lock related issues.

Local Stories

We love hearing from our customers, a big thank you to Allison for sharing her story about her day at Al Rich Park

“ We had my son’s 10th birthday party at Al Rich Park and it was a difficult day, to say the least. All the kids arrived and I realized I left the cake at home. I got in my car but it wouldn’t start. In a panic I kept trying over and over to start the ignition but that didn’t help. Thankfully one of the other mom’s recommended I call you guys and I am so happy I did. Steve, the technician arrived in about 5 minutes and fixed my ignition switch in no time. I got home and back with the cake before my son even knew what had happened. Most of all I really want to thank Steve for being so patient and understanding with me when I was really stressed and aggravated. Not everyone would have been so nice!”