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At Cibolo Locksmith Pros, we guarantee the best commercial locksmith services in the Cibolo TX area. Our dependable, honest, and professional experts can provide you with everything from assistance in case of an office lockout to CCTV system installation, and so much more. We are local, so with our close proximity to your business and our 24-hour availability, we are always there for you and your company no matter the time of day. Our technicians are both friendly and highly trained—they can provide any lock service you require in a timely, efficient fashion. We use the most up-to-date technologies available to get the job done quickly and neatly.

What We Do

Panic (Push) Bars

cibolo_commercial locksmtih_push barWe offer panic bar installation to equip your place of business with proper safety measures.

cibolo_commercial locksmtih_access controlAccess Control Systems

Ensure that only the people you want in your building are able to enter. To keep your building and employees safe while making it convenient for these employees to enter, we provide installation of access control systems.

cibolo_commercial locksmith_automatic door closers

Automatic Door Closers

We can help your business save energy and maintain privacy by installing and repairing mechanical automatic door closers.

cibolo_commercial locksmith_cctv

Closed-Circuit Television

For your security needs, we can install closed-circuit television cameras and systems.

cibolo_commercial locksmtih_magnetic doors

Magnetic Doors

We install and maintain magnetic door locks to ensure that your place of business is safe in case of fires or other emergencies that require rapid exit.

Master Key Lock Systems

cibolo_commercial locksmith_master keyGive access to individual rooms while keeping a master key in case of lockouts. We provide installation of master key lock systems, and can also assist in the case of a lockout without a master key.

Office Lockouts

cibolo_commercial locksmtih_office lockoutIf you are locked out of your office or place of business call us. Our 24 hour availability and local proximity ensures that you are never stuck for long.

Some issues can be resolved without professional help. To help you avoid unnecessary costs, we have provided below some solutions to common problems.

Issue: The keyless entry system code is not working...

Try resetting the system. If this does not work, call for professional assistance.

Issue: You lost your office key...

Ask a manager or maintenance person for a spare or master key.

Issue: The key is sticking in the lock and won't turn...

Try spraying the key, the lock, and the inside of the lock with lubricant. Let sit for a few minutes, then try gently turning the key again.

The key broke inside the lock...

Use a pair of pliers to grasp the broken head, if possible. Use a see-sawing motion to pry the broken key out of the lock. If this is not possible, it will be necessary to call a locksmith.

At Cibolo Locksmith Pros, we want to ensure that your locks render your business both secure and easy to access for you, your customers and your employees. Our skilled and professional locksmiths will make sure that your locking systems are always running smoothly and that you are never confronted with a lock problem that cannot be solved. We offer up-front pricing and amiable technicians. us for a local solution to all of your corporate and emergency locksmith service needs.